第133章 ﹣ 書.小階與應節

在這裏提過《麥田捕手》、《福爾摩斯》、討論過數字、設計和插畫...... 全都是我喜愛的題材。

作家mark haddon卻將這些元素化作小說《the curious incident of the dog in the night-time》。



另外一個喜愛這書的原因,頗奇怪,就是封面的書名和作者,都只是以英文小階作設計(例如:mark haddon而不是Mark Haddon)。如果編輯不介意的話,我一般也會用相同手法處理英文題目、標題和封面等,因為由小時候開始,便對英文符號為何要有兩種寫法充滿疑惑,沒有大小階其中一款,對閱讀的影響可以為零,你仍然可以讀得出那個生字。當不再出現大小階這種硬套的考慮,設計時反而變得有彈性了。




dimsumdolly said...

yes, this is a good book. I enjoyed it very much too. And interesting point you brought up about the use of only lower case letters on the cover. I never took note of that until you mentioned it. As an editor myself, it'd nice interesting to find out why the editor left it that way.

t t said...

wow this is one of my fav books i read last year! the narration is real interesting, as naive as little prince.

just the ending (at the train station) is a bit over----

but it still deserves a five-star rating!

so, 22 jan, a new year dog please!!
i will draw a leo next to you :>

tamshui:\ said...

dimsumdolly: if i have time, let me check those others versions of the book and see if the covers are the same or not

tt: dog or not, i dun know yet, but ur leo, i am looking forward!! haha

Karden said...

then i will draw a cat besides tt's leo and yr dog! haha XDD

t t said...

there's other version, which is deep blue in color and the incident is depicted in cartoon style. 几壞事的。。

looking forward to the animal party :>