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刊於成報,大大張,好好玩,有意投稿,請聯絡comic paper!!


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I like it so much ! Good try ! so so funny !!!!!!

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hope i can keep going!!

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Please forward this event!!





下午3:00 – 00:00 10多個音樂單位分別進行表演
下午 6:00 藝術行動
下午11:30 燃點燭光,發表公開信 


傳媒如有查詢,可致電2127 4503,SEE網絡,李先生。

[English Version]
Last Bell of Star Ferry Pier
The warning of short sighted urban development
Continue to protest to save the Star Ferry Pier, continue to deepen the cultural layer of our Urban

When Free Walker is no longer satisfied in the shopping paradise, our products and services are no longer competitive with our neighboring cities in the market, will the Property Developers that are concerned with quantity and not quality will take over the urban progress duty? The significance of the deeper layer of our Urban culture - the Star Ferry Pier, will be ringing it¡¦s last bell at midnight this Sunday to alarm the warning of a short-sighted urban and economic and economy development that lacks any foresight of a cultural policy.

A crowd of people from different communities, ages and working backgrounds, a group of disorganized citizens will be coming to the Ferry Pier and Edinburg Square this Saturday at 6:00pm to protest their wishes to preserve the Star Ferry and Clock Tower. It is on the same day that the property ownership will be returned to the Hong Kong Government. We wish strongly that our personnel concerns in conjunction with different departments can be as creative to find solution and to build an extraordinary city with their citizens that we can all be proud of.
People will be arriving at the Star Ferry Pier to express their concerns, and the activities begin at:
15:00 onward More than 10 musical groups will be performing
Star Ferry Pier Continue green ribbon petition
(Will invite all of the citizens to sign petition which will be posted on a green ribbon to be used to express everyone’s wishes) .
18:00:onward Art Action
23:30 Candle Light vigil and announced our open letter
For party who would like to join action or improvisation, or query ,please contact 2127 4503, Mr. Li of SEE Network