第375章 - 無啦謂勁架勢發明展



無啦謂勁架勢發明展 The Superb Meaningless Invention Exhibition

無呢啦謂,極其架勢,9個年青人赤條條地展出他們面對日常生活時不經污染的真誠創造。「無啦謂」非指發明品無聊、無用之意。只有當大家堅持用(慣性的)經 濟角度去衡量這些設計,才非常「無啦謂」,例如發明品不能夠大量生產或使用時得大費周章。但我們堅信,這種「經濟」觀點不能埋沒發明自身的趣味、技藝、工 程,及當中填充生活的那份浪漫創意。

The Superb Meaningless Invention Exhibition show our very natural desire to create in react to our daily life. The term “Meaningless” does not imply that the inventions in this exhibition are non-functional nor their ideas impossible; only when we use a rather typical economical mindset (which we are used to) to justify the design, it becomes “meaningless”. For example, the invention is not able to be mass-produced, or too much effort are put to solve a problem too tiny. However, we believe this "meaningless" shall not make us overlook the creativity, craftsmanship, engineering involved in the design and most importantly the romance to fill up those incompleteness in life.

開幕 Opening Reception: 7:00~9:00pm, 25th April

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