第476章 - I'm Nuthin'

好難想像,如果我今日再看Reality Bites,會有什麼觀後感?


Ethan Hawke的這首I'm Nuthin'會不是出現腦海


Artist: Ethan Hawke
Title: I'm Nuthin'

I got a pothead mama, got a cokehead dad;
I'm an ultramodern version of the American man.
I don't feel good, but I don't feel bad,
Cause me you see, I'm nuthin'

Ain't no Republocrat, no Demmican, ain't nuthin' in between;
I'm sick of people talkin' about American dreams.
That's all gone, ain't nuthin' there for me --
Cause me you see I'm nuthin'.

I ain't left, I ain't right, people say I'm wrong,
Before I was born, I was all gone.
Don't even make sense that I wrote this song...
Cause me you see I'm nuthin, I'm nuthin'.

Don't want no big TV or no flashy garage,
Never would cut it in no corporate job
People see me coming - they say "Look at that slob..."
Cause me you see I'm nuthin', I'm nuthin'.
Nuthin', that's me.

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