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::the monster that challenged the world
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The Chains of Reality and the Freedom of the Intoxicated Mind
- Agony

Of Numbers

The day we learn to talk, we are being graded by numbers. Our marks in chemistry, history and mathematics and this and that and all those little ‘subjects’ define our existence. We need to pay attention to numbers on the rounded spinning thing; oh it is 8:30 am, the bell will ring. Numbers disciplines us make us perform better faster and nastier. And when we are able, we imply numbers on other people. We all communicate by numbers. How much we make? How many years of experience we have? How many chicks we had sex with? How many years tell we die? How much is in our saving accounts? Are the numbers on your paid check greater then the numbers on the bill collected every month? And when you want to be rid of the numbers you talk to the number people, the life insurance and financial planners. They will scare you to death buy stating in numbers, how many more year you have to work in order to be secure in this volatile world. They will tell you your future is just as humble as the street beggar if you don’t act now. “Be afraid” they say, “be very afraid.”

We believe in numbers and we worship it like God. We condescend others by their numbers. Numbers are logical. Numbers are easily understood. Numbers are totally rational. They define our worthiness and failure of our past. They also give us motivation to achieve the future; to make up the days we wasted and the pennies we should have earn.




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